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Dataforce aim to modify, simplify and improve the art of business analysis, leading to increased sales, more profits, and enhanced inventory productivity. We have long years of experience and expertise in retail software and consulting. We have helped all types of businesses whether small, large scale or medium to increase sales, customers and profits.

We design and construct retail operations and selling via insightful analysis with measurable visible results through the integration of domain expertise, external data like software, market studies, market trends, geographic, demographics, etc.

We help with the introduction of fresh brands and products at retail based upon analytics and data. We offer business Intelligence and customized software applications for retailers.

We have many years of experience in store management and consulting across many segments including clothing, accessories, home décor, furniture, toys, stationary items, jewelry, cosmetics, packaged food items, shoes etc.

We collect, manage and interpret retail data with the target of providing our clients with a competitive advantage.

We help your customers to enjoy consistent pricing, innovative promotions and satisfactory customer experience whether in-store, online or using a mobile. To handle the challenges of improving customer service and business enterprise efficiency, we work across the whole enterprise, all segments and offering a wide range of business models to meet each retailers different requirements, timing and budgets.

Dataforce seeks to simplify and enrich customers shopping experience. Our services  help the retailers to build long-term relationships with customers. Whether surfing online or asking questions at a call center or placing orders via smartphone, or shopping in-store, we seek to deliver upgraded services across all channels.

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