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Healthcare organizations are nowadays employing the services of managed service providers as a way to reduce costs and increase productivity. Dataforce is a leading healthcare service provider and provide consistent support and expertise in various healthcare segments. IT requirements and special requirements related to the healthcare zone are handled by us. We offer technology solutions to major healthcare industries across the globe.

We provide the following services:-

  • Dataforce offers Application Hosting, Infrastructure Services, Computing Solutions, cloud services and other related services. Our teams are with guaranteed response time since most of the healthcare enterprises operate 24*7.
  • Dataforce has the ability to manage and monitor application performances that include computing, network and database performance, along with the ability to manage performances.
  • We also provide excellent security services that include identity recognition security, processing and encryption which is quite important in the world of healthcare. Healthcare demands strict security levels.
  • Dataforce manages audits, billing and recovery processes with expertise.
  • Providing fresh solutions, latest technologies, managing costs and engaging patient population and medical staff are our forte.
  • We implement data warehouses, ERP, CRM, analytics, web development etc.

We offer hospital performance management services as well as patient engagement services. When we manage your hospitals performance we seek to enhance the care quality provided at your hospitals by creating functional efficiency, maximizing the use of existing resources and transforming acquired data to get information about the patients consumption and contentment. Through proper patient engagement unnecessary readmission can be avoided and the time period after discharge of patients can be made smoother and satisfactory with e-health models. Medication and follow-up processes can be transformed to suit the patients in a digital age.

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